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    Carl T. Loveall is a self taught landscape photographer living in Germany. Carl's passion for photography started after moving from the United States to Europe. He began to photograph the beauty around him to share with his family and friends back home in Michigan. Due to his love of nature, this quickly evolved into his true passion, landscape photography. Carl is continually working to learn more, and improve his work (in the field and in post) by pushing his own boundaries, and limits. To create unique images of the world through his eyes.

Bla Bla Bla......I know pretty boring right! Truth be told, I am a pretty boring guy. There is a lot of adventure in going to these locations and the creative aspect behind it. But most of the time I spend waiting. Waiting for something to happen. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. And these are the times I enjoy the most. Photography for me is an escape. Where I can completely shut off from the world. These are the times were I reconnect with nature and my inner self. For me photography is not just a passion, or hobby. It is a life style, I am in the front row seat watching the beauty Mother Nature has to show. 

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